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Pennsylvania Renters insurance

Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania

All renters in Pennsylvania should carry renters’ insurance, although it's not state-mandated. In some cases, landlords require tenants to have renters’ insurance. But even if this isn't the case, renters insurance is always the smart choice if you rent an apartment, condo, or a single-family home.

Why You Need Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania

Renters insurance is specifically designed to protect renters. Note that even if your landlord has homeowners’ insurance, that doesn't necessarily protect your personal property or your interests. To ensure your belongings are covered, talk to an agent at Pearl Insurance Agency serving Zelienople, PA today.

How Renters Insurance Protects You

Every renter's insurance policy is different, so the way that renter's insurance protects you may vary. But in general, here are the types of coverage you can expect:

Stolen Items from Your Rented Accommodation

If your bicycle is stolen off your back deck, your rented accommodation is broken into, or the maintenance specialist steals something from you while your back is turned, your renter's insurance may cover it. You may also be covered if you have a roommate and they steal your possessions from the home.

Stolen Items from Your Vehicle

Again, depending on your policy, you may be covered for stolen items from your vehicle while parked at your rental accommodation. For example, you may be covered if you're a victim of a smash-and-grab and your laptop is stolen from your car.

Damaged Items Protection

Some renter's insurance policies protect your possessions from accidents. For example, a ceiling fan breaks loose and drops down onto your desk, smashing your PC. This is typical of an incident that renters' insurance would cover.

Depending on the type of renters insurance, you'll have varying degrees of protection. Your insurance agent at Pearl Insurance Agency, serving Zelienople, PA, can help you determine your renter's insurance needs according to your circumstances. Contact us today to learn more.


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