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Pennsylvania life insurance

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Life Insurance in Pennsylvania

Getting life insurance is a critical way to take care of your loved ones. When you have a policy to leave behind a death benefit, you can protect them from financial harm. There are two main kinds of this insurance, each with pros and cons. Before you choose your life insurance in Pennsylvania, understanding them is a good idea. Call us at Pearl Insurance Agency in Zelienople, PA to get started.

Term Life

A term life insurance policy has a specific end date. The cost of the policy is set at the time that the policy is written, and the policy only stays active for a specific number of years. These are highly affordable policies that allow you to set a price while you're younger and keep that price throughout the policy's life. When the policyholder dies during the policy term, a death benefit is left to the beneficiaries. When the person outlives the policy, however, the policy expires, and there is no more coverage. Getting a new policy is the only way to be covered again.

Whole Life

A whole life policy works differently but also has some similarities. This is also a type of policy that pays out a death benefit to beneficiaries, but the difference is that there isn't an end date for the policy. The policy can stay in effect for as long as the policyholder wants to keep it and keeps paying for it. These policies also build an amount that the policyholder can borrow if needed. Many people find that this type of policy gives them good peace of mind since it doesn't expire. However, it's a more expensive policy type.

Get Life Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you want to get started with a life insurance policy, call us at Pearl Insurance Agency in Zelienople, PA to learn more.


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