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Six Tips For Protecting Your Commercial Ranch Against Claims

As your trusted commercial insurance agency, Pearl Insurance Agency, tailoring services to Zelienople, PA, understands the cruciality of protecting your commercial ranch against claims. Given numerous activities within ranch premises, it’s paramount to be vigilant and well-organized in ensuring your investment’s sustainability and financial well-being. Consider implementing these six key strategies:

1. Priority for Property Maintenance

Diligent maintenance is critical on a ranch with endless tasks that need attention. Routine repairs—including fencing, gate security, and barn structural issues—can prevent potential injuries and accidents.

2. Safety Protocol for Equipment

All ranch equipment needs regular inspection and servicing. Validate the functioning of all machinery, ensure safety guards are in place, and provide safety training for all workers.

3. Handling Hazardous Materials

Employee training should include handling hazardous materials and actions to take in case of an accident. Set up necessary safety stations and provide access to personal protective gear everywhere.

4. Livestock Management

Effective livestock care and handling protocols help prevent injuries and ensure their well-being. This includes regular veterinary check-ups, feeding routines, and secure containment.

5. Visitor Policies

Limit public access and supervise visitors to safeguard your ranch. Implement visitor policies mandating protective gear like goggles, boots, etc.

6. Fire Safety Measures

Stay prepared for emergencies with routine inspection and testing of fire alarms, smoke detectors, and extinguishers. Establish a fire emergency plan, including an evacuation procedure for humans and animals.

For more information about commercial insurance for your ranch, do not hesitate to contact Pearl Insurance Agency, serving Zelienople, PA. Our scope includes an extensive portfolio of insurance policies and claims assistance.

How to Prepare Your Home For Winter Storms in Ohio

Ohio residents aren’t immune from harsh weather. Storms in Ohio can include high winds that can reach tornado status, flooding rains, and more. Pearl Insurance Agency, serving Pennsylvania and Ohio, offers home insurance to keep you covered. But prevention is always better when it comes to your home. Here are some tips to prepare your home for storms in Ohio.

Heed Storm Warnings

Don’t take severe weather warnings lightly. Pay attention when you get storm alerts from the Emergency Alert System (EAS), NOAA Weather radio, and your local news services. Take appropriate cautionary steps before the storm hits to avoid frantic, chaotic actions later.

Stockpile Supplies

Don’t wait until a storm’s approaching to stock up on supplies. Your home should always be prepared with weather-stopping, caulking, insulation, and pipe insulation to protect against burst pipes. Keep a supply of plywood or other window glass protectors at home so you can put them in place when needed. If you live near a river or other body of water, consider keeping a supply of sandbags in an outdoor shed to be used if river waters flood the banks.

Install and Test Indoor Alert Systems

Make sure your home has carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in multiple areas and that the batteries are fresh. In storm situations, your HVAC system may not operate correctly, or fires could break out due to energy surges. You’ll want to know immediately if there’s imminent danger so you can get your family to safety.

Avoid Going Outside in Storms

Winter storms can bring black ice, downed power lines, and other hazards. Stay inside, especially at night, until the weather improves or the town can take care of hazards.

Pearl Insurance Agency, serving Ohio and Pennsylvania, is ready to help you with all your home insurance needs, including claims. With these tips, you can hopefully keep your home and family safe during Ohio storms.


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